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Brownfield Awards 2023

Entries close 31 May

The highly-esteemed Brownfield Awards, now in their 19th year, bring together the brownfield community to celebrate the excellent work undertaken by organisations and project partnerships, through the use of innovative techniques, awareness of sustainability, engagement with stakeholders and best practice.

The Awards are open for entries and the submission deadline is 31 May 2023.

The winning entries will be announced live at the Brownfield Awards Ceremony, which is moving location to the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester on 2 NovemberMake sure to reserve your place at the Ceremony and join hundreds of your peers for an evening of celebration and entertainment.

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2023 Brownfield Award Categories & Criteria

Conditions of Entry


To be eligible for entry, there must be evidenced activity on the submitted project during 2022 or 2023.

General Criteria for Categories 1-10

Judges will assess all entries and score them against the following criteria, so each submission should clearly outline how each criterion has been considered and demonstrated. 

The Award will go to the entry that in the view of the judges best demonstrates:

  • Obvious fit to category (including specific category criteria), clearly written and with good use of supporting annotated figures/tables/photographs.

  • Notable innovation or exemplary best practice.

  • A robust, cost effective and defensible solution.

  • Compliance with legislation, codes and guidance and adherence to diversity practice.

  • Effective public / stakeholder engagement.

  • Real environmental and social benefits, clearly linked to Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrating Social Value.

  • Evidence of robust project closure / verification where applicable

Some categories also have specific requirements, which are detailed in the category overviews below.

Award Categories

1. Best Project Preparatory Work​

Planning and conduct of site investigations, including use of the National Quality Mark Scheme (where applicable), conceptual modelling, and/or development of a remediation strategy which both demonstrates best practice and provides a sound basis for remediation, verification and subsequent use or development of a brownfield site.


2. Best Research, Innovation or Advancement of Science in the Brownfield Sector

Evidenced by a published academic or industry-led research project, or  guidance document, or the development of new techniques or technologies with applications in the brownfield sector. Demonstration of the broad potential impact and value of its application should be shown.


3. Best Application of Innovative Digital Tools or Emerging Technology on a Brownfield Project

Genuine novel application of a scientific, technological, or digital-based innovation, leading to enhanced procedures and / or processes for any aspect of brownfield land assessment. Evidenced by the use of software, effective data management or analysis, automation, or practical application of technology in the field. Demonstration of the broad potential impact and value of its application should be shown.


4. Best Public Engagement and Participation of a Brownfield Activity

Demonstrating the positive impact and contribution made by a brownfield regeneration project delivered in collaboration with all stakeholders and encouraging the participation and involvement of local communities.


  • Effectively raising the profile of brownfield development amongst the community and other stakeholders

  • Demonstrates proactive community engagement before and during the project

  • Project takes positive steps towards improving diversity, equity and social well-being


5. Best Application of Remediation Technologies

Effective use of appropriate ex-situ or in-situ remediation technologies, whether alone or in combination, on a brownfield site. Demonstration of robust project closure and verification, with sign off by the appropriate regulator if applicable.


6. Best Sustainable Re-Use of Materials


Sustainable and beneficial re-use of material in a brownfield development or brownfield-led infrastructure project. Must quantify materials re-used and demonstrate compliance with legislation, guidance, codes of practice, and agreement by the appropriate regulator. Ideally should demonstrate an innovative approach to working towards net zero goals.


7. Best Sustainable Brownfield / Urban Regeneration / Infrastructure Scheme

Excellence in the delivery of any aspect of the sustainable regeneration of a brownfield or development, or brownfield-led infrastructure project, led by a multidisciplinary team. Entries should clearly show real positive economic, environmental, and social impacts, clearly linked to Sustainable Development Goals and demonstrating Social Value.


8. Best Public Sector / Not for Profit Brownfield Project

Excellence in any aspect of brownfield development or a brownfield-led infrastructure project, where the project is led by a public sector or not for profit organisation. The Award could be entered by consultants and contractors on behalf of their client, but, if so, the winner would be the public sector / not for profit organisation.

9. Best Biodiversity Enhancement on a Brownfield Project

Demonstration of positive impact on, or enhancement of, the natural environment and local ecosystems in a brownfield development or brownfield-led infrastructure project. Long-term planning of a regenerative approach to enhance biodiversity and amenity value should be demonstrated.


  • Evidence of biodiversity improvement / net gain against the latest DEFRA Biodiversity Metric

  • Demonstration of long-term planning of a regenerative approach to enhance biodiversity and amenity value


10. Best Overseas Project

This Award is open to any organisation who has leveraged experience via the export market or is based outside of the UK to deliver excellence in any aspect of a brownfield development or brownfield-led infrastructure project overseas.


11. Best Early Career Brownfield Professional


Entries can be submitted by the individual, the employer or jointly. The entrant should have no more than 7 years relevant brownfield experience up to 2023. This may comprise accumulated ‘full time equivalent’ experience of 7 years whilst working part-time or around an extended period of absence. The judges welcome submissions from both young professionals and those who have made a career move into the Brownfield sector.

Specific entry criteria:

Entrants will be judged on all-round ability, not only on academic and work-related achievements, but also their enthusiasm for work within the brownfield industry.


Entries will be marked with reference to:

  • Quality of submission - high standard of presentation, clearly written, with good use of supporting figures and photos where appropriate.

  • Demonstrated technical ability within a brownfield area.

  • Demonstration of innovation, astute business acumen, exceptional leadership, and/or significant contribution to a project.

  • Demonstrated enthusiasm to advance the wider understanding of, and to progress within, the brownfield sector. This could include service on committees/boards, writing and presenting of papers, presenting at conferences, involvement in public consultations/awareness events, and/or wider society communication, or similar activities.


The entry should make clear the degree of influence the nominee had in the activity or activities given.


12. Technical Lead of the Year Award


Entries can be submitted by the individual, or employer / peer nomination and will be awarded to an individual who can demonstrate excellence in leading the delivery of any aspect of a brownfield development or brownfield-led infrastructure project.

Specific entry criteria:

Entries will be marked with reference to:

  • Clear vision and strategy development

  • Inspiring and leading the project team

  • Keeping the project on-time and in-budget 

  • Consideration of sustainable practices 

  • Engagement with the wider technical community

13. Judges’ Choice Award

This Award is not open to applications, but is awarded at the Judges’ discretion after considering all winning entries this year.

203 categories

Discover this year’s winners at the 2023 Brownfield Awards Ceremony on 2 November at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester.


Reconnect and unwind with the brownfield community during an evening of celebration, as we announce this year's winners live.

To reserve your place at the Ceremony, or for information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact

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2023 ceremony

The photos from the 2022 Ceremony are available below.

Brownfield Award Judges

james cartwright (1).jpg

James Cartwright

Director, McAuliffe

ann barker - photo from YCLF.jpg

Ann Barker

Lead Officer Contaminated Land, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Frank-Westcott (1).png

Frank Westcott

Director, Westenviro

richard boyle.jpg

Richard Boyle

Technical Director,

Brookbanks Consulting

Copy of Ian Evans.jpeg

Ian Evans

Senior Technical Director, Arcadis

Amy Juden.jpg

Amy Juden

Associate, The Environmental Protection Group Ltd

alex ferguson.jpg

Alex Ferguson

Managing Director, Delta-Simons

Lisa-Hathway (1).jpg

Lisa Hathway

Independent Consultant

Ian-Grant (2).png

Ian Grant

Editorial Director, Environment Analyst

photo David Rudland.jpg

David Rudland

Contaminated Land Officer and Remediation Project Manager, Swindon Borough Council


Jonathan Atkinson

Technical Director, CL:AIRE

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