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NHBC's Land Quality Endorsement services deliver technical risk management for clients looking to undertake remediation or reclamation of their sites for subsequent sale for residential development, all in line with NHBC standards for land quality. It also offers builders reassurance to understand if their intended proposals would be acceptable, prior to registration or in advance of remedial works, to support their due diligence process, or to assist them with their requirements related future procurement stages.


Our specialist geotechnical and Land Quality engineers assess all forms of land; from brownfield and geotechnically challenging sites to marginal and greenfield sites, supporting the delivery of solutions that satisfy NHBC's requirements for residential development. We aim to accommodate clients at all stages of predevelopment.


Following our technical review, a Certificate of Land Quality Endorsement is issued, detailing what is acceptable to NHBC and any works outstanding for the acceptability of Buildmark warranty cover.


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