Dr Thomas D Krom, Segment Director, Environment, Seequent will be speaking about the  Practicalities of Building a Robust Conceptual Site Model (CSM) for a Contaminated Site.

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Company Profile


Seequent is a world leader in geoscience software that enables better decision making in the mining and exploration, civil, environmental, and energy sectors.


As a rapidly growing, privately owned business, we have more than 450 employees in 16 office locations around the world and we serve customers in over 100 countries.

Our story began because people struggled with only having part of the picture to make good decisions.


From the very beginning we have understood that context is the key to connecting the right information to give us the right insights to make the right decisions. For more than 10 years Seequent has been leading in the visualisation of complex geoscientific data to make meaningful differences to people, companies and the environment.


Our customers are tackling some of the world’s most challenging problems using our software and they use our solutions on global, large-scale projects, including road and rail tunnel construction, groundwater detection and management, geothermal exploration, subsea infrastructure mapping, resource evaluation, and subterranean storage of spent nuclear fuel.

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