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The MyALS Mobile App by ALS


Shortlisted for Category 2 - Best Scientific/Technical/Digital Advance at the Brownfield Awards 2020

ALS provide award winning* data management services via their web based portal known as ‘myALS’. This system allows users to manage logistics, scan sample barcodes, place orders, set alarms for exceedances, view results and download bespoke report templates.


ALS have now launched a free mobile extension of this service allowing their clients to record field data offline, on a mobile device, and sync with the myALS server at any time.

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This innovative system has a number of benefits over other data solutions, including:


  • Samples are time, date and location stamped and barcodes can be scanned immediately at the point of sampling. 

  • Detailed soil logging can be undertaken using an innovative BS5930 soil description builder.

  •  Exploratory hole data (drilling/excavation/in-situ testing information) can be recorded and logs produced. All data can be exported in AGS format.

  • Photographs are location stamped and can be viewed, along with exploratory hole locations, on a site map on a mobile device and on the myALS portal.

  •  Monitoring regimes can be set up on myALS and pushed out to users in the field where samples, gas analysis, in-situ testing, dip info (including NAPLs) and remarks can be recorded.

  • Documents can be stored on myALS for access in the field by site operatives.


The combination of myALS and the mobile app gives ALS’ clients a complete paperless solution for the management of project data from the site through to reporting stage. The system eliminates the need to re-key any data from point of creation but also offers the flexibility to manage and edit information at any time without compromising data integrity.


WYG assisted ALS in the beta testing and final development of the mobile app and now use the system on live projects. Patricia Gill, Director, WYG: “We have worked closely with ALS to trial and develop the App.  The roll out across WYG’s Geo-environment team has been successful and the App is now used on many of our sites.  We have seen great benefits in streamlining of our data management.  Data can be viewed almost in real time by off site design teams and the paperless process is much more time efficient than using handwritten notebooks.”


myALS and the mobile app are provided at no additional cost to ALS’ clients.


* Brownfield Briefing Awards, Best laboratory innovation 2014

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